Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gymnastics Fun

This summer we signed up the big girls for gymnastics and since I didn't want to chase Miranda around for an hour and ten minutes once a week, I signed her and I up for a mommy and me class. This is us before our second class. I had a headband on because I had worked out earlier that morning and the girls wanted to wear headbands too. We looked pretty matchy matchy, but it was still cute!
 Just the big girls! Miranda is throwing a fit on the floor in front of the girls because I won't hold her and the girls and I are just ignoring while we take pictures.  That is very typical these days! Ha!

Because Miranda and I have class at the same time as the big girls, I don't always get pictures of them.  Occasionally, they are near me in the gym and I can get a few snapshots.  Here's Mackenzie working on the balance beam.
And here she is falling off the beam! ;)
Meredith about to get on the beam... 
Miranda and I also did the beam that day!  I wasn't a great mom, since this is her sort of falling down and grabbing the beam while I take a picture. :/
Miranda loves gymnastics and has finally warmed up to the coaches and lets them help her do flips.  After they flip her, she says "gin" aka again.
A couple of weeks ago, it was bring a friend week, so Teresa was able to take pictures of our girls as they did gymnastics.  Meredith jumping and in the trampoline station.
Mackenzie on vault and doing flips.
Cutie Meredith smiling for Miss Teresa!

Mackenzie on balance beam again. 

These are out of order, but aren't Meredith and Macey cute holding hands in class?!

The girls are loving gymnastics!  So much so that we are planning to continue with gymnastics through the school year.  It will be our first time to do extra curricular activities during the school year, so we'll see how it goes.  Once a week should be ok. 

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