Saturday, July 11, 2015

Going sledding!

I've been trying to work out on a regular basis. Trying is the key word. I started right after Mother's Day and was doing pretty well for about 3 weeks and then summer started. I haven't been consistent since. :/ Anyways, the girls asked to play with my exercise mat one day and decided it looked like a great sled!
Miranda just went along for the ride. ;)

Meredith had played with makeup that day, so that's why her face is red!  Apparently blush is a great foundation. ;)  Also, it would appear that this happened after we played with water beads since she did not have make up on while playing with the beads.  Again, all of this was during TS Bill, one of our few full pajama days.
Miranda's cheese face.
"Hold on, Miranda! Here we go!"
I had been playing games with Mackenzie when they started this and I'm so glad I took the time to take a few pictures.  I love the randomness that the girls find super fun.  Maybe they all just need their own exercise mats for Christmas! ;)

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