Thursday, July 16, 2015

2015 Summer Recap - Week 4

Busy, Busy, Busy!  That's what week 4 was!  We do gymnastics every week, so we start out kind of busy.  It was bring a friend week, so Teresa was able to take pictures of our girls while I did gymnastics class with Miranda.

On Tuesday we went to the Noah's Ark Pool.  My girls absolutely love this place and it's even better when you meet friends there!  We stayed for almost 3 hours and just as we were about to get out it started to downpour!  We and our towels were soaking wet!  It stopped after 10 or 15 minutes but it was time to go anyway.  The girls had fun and are already looking forward to going again at the end of the summer!

The very next day we had our first official summer trip to our neighborhood swimming pool.  We went on Memorial Day, but this was our first trip for just me and the girls.  We ended up seeing a couple of our friends at the pool, so again it was fun for all.  Especially since that means I got to visit with some grown ups! ;)

My goal this year was to leave the pool without any kids crying since I didn't get to do that at all last summer!  Unfortunately, a few minutes before we were going to leave, Meredith's toe started bleeding from a blister and so she cried the entire walk out to the car. :(  I'll try again next week!

After 2 days of swimming, we were looking forward to a low key playgroup meeting at our church to watch a movie.  Movie on a projector, popcorn, juice, pizza and cookies = a great day! ;)

And because it was a holiday weekend, Brandon was home on Friday.  We had donuts that morning and then after having a day of rest, he took the big girls to swim at the pool that evening.  We were originally all going to go, but about 5 I decided that I would love to just stay home with Miranda and not deal with it all.  It was an excellent decision, if I do say so myself.  I didn't have to hold Miranda the whole time and I got to catch up on my TV shows.  Brandon and the girls closed out the pool and got home around 9:15!  They were very tired and Meredith fell asleep before Mackenzie finished writing her note to the tooth fairy (6th tooth lost)!

The Fourth of July was a crazy day in and of itself, so it deserves its own post, but here is the synopsis in pictures!

See?!  That was a crazy busy week.  Last week was much more low key and we needed it.  Still, we are loving every week of summer that we have!

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