Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 Summer Recap - Week 3

Week 3 of summer brought the long awaited Vacation Bible School at our church.  After all the time the girls spent at the building while I decorated, including 2 more hours the day of, they were ready!
Meredith was a little hesitant since it's been a year, but she was happy when I stayed for singing.  The picture of Miranda is when everyone started singing for the first time.  She loved it!
Mackenzie's class was sitting right behind Meredith, so she moved up one row to sit with me and Meredith during the singing. 

One day, we had a playdate with one of Mackenzie's former preschool classmates.  They are still friends even though they hadn't seen each other in at least 6 months!  Plus her little sister will be in Meredith's class next year, so they all did great playing together.

We stayed fairly low key during the day on VBS nights so as not to be too tired, so on Thursday after VBS was over we were ready to get out.  First we headed to the playground, which didn't go so well since Meredith is afraid of bugs.  Outdoor activities are not always pleasant with Meredith because of bugs.  It doesn't matter what they are...flies, mosquitoes, dragon name it, they scare her.  Also, Miranda wasn't too happy that I made her walk to the playground (apparently that's was torture!), so for the first 5 minutes she pouted in my lap after throwing a complete fit!

After about an hour of that we headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch and indoor playtime! ;)

Miranda will do whatever her sisters are doing!
Mackenzie was an especially great big sister!  She helped Meredith get over her fears and climb up into the car.  She also stayed with Miranda as she climbed up and down the play set. 

The next day we went to Brandon's office to meet him for lunch.  Brandon was in a meeting when we first got there so the girls goofed around for a bit. ;)   Mackenzie thought it was hilarious to pretend to type on his keyboard!

At the restaurant they had some saddle seats and cute farm animal seating outside so they had to check it all out!
Fake animals are perfect for us!  Our girls want to be brave and pet big (or small) animals, but then when they get the chance, it's just too much for them.  These were perfect! Ha!

Nothing like sitting in a pig!

The last fun activity we did for week 3, was bowling and the arcade as a family on Saturday.  The girls had fun bowling, especially Miranda.  She couldn't wait to get up there and push the ball down the ramp and was upset when it wasn't her turn.
The big girls love this projector thing and of course, Miranda loves anything the big girls are doing!
Air Hockey!
We played the classic arcade games with actual money, but the girls are also content to ride the other video games just for fun without using money.  It works for us! ;)

Another week down!  About 8 to go!

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