Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 Summer Recap - Week 2

Week 2 of summer was much more low key than the first week.  We had gymnastics and then waited for Tropical Storm Bill to arrive!  That Tuesday morning, I had to work on VBS at the church building, so I packed up activities for the girls and they hung out in the nursery while my friend and I worked on VBS for 3 hours.  That after noon, we sat outside in the drizzle that was supposed to be TS Bill! ;) 

Instead, Bill arrived on Wednesday, so we had our first official pajama day.  We did nothing special and truly did not get out of our pajamas all day!

Then, Thursday we had our church playgroup over to play at our house.  We had 9 moms and 19 kids!  It was crazy, but I think everyone enjoyed it since a lot of us felt like we had been trapped inside by ourselves for the last 2 days.  The last of everyone left by 1:30 and this is what our house looked like!

I don't ask our visitors to help clean because I'm pretty particular about where toys go.  I cleaned up the bedrooms first so that Miranda could take a nap.

Then, after nap time and rest time for me, I tackled the playroom

45 minutes later it was all clean and organized!

Friday the girls were great again and this time lasted 5 hours at the church building while I worked on VBS decorations! 
I think the promise of VBS the next week helped tremendously.  That and McDonalds! Ha!

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