Wednesday, June 17, 2015

These girls!

I love attempting to get all three girls to look at the camera AND smile at the SAME time!
I should also add that I would like them to stand normally without a funky pose! ;)

And on another Sunday, I tried it again!
I really should have changed locations so I wouldn't have the huge light spot in all of my pictures coming from a transom window. :(

This is Meredith freaking out because I asked them to stand near each other.  You know, like they actually love each other.  Silly Me!
At least Miranda is smiling!
Or not!
Awwww.  all is sort of right, now that everyone is back on their own square.
Sweet Mackenzie...
Sweet and Mad!

At the end, the crazies came out...jumping while her purse is hanging out of her mouth.

And then we went to church! ;)

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