Thursday, June 25, 2015


Back in March, we booked a hotel stay at the Woodlands resort - sort of a staycation for this June. A few days before we were supposed to go, we checked the weather and there was a large chance of rain during those days, so we abruptly changed plans and decided to go to Schlitterbaun in New Braunfels. I think Brandon had gone before, but it was my first time and obviously the girls' too.  We got stuck in traffic on our way out of town (you'd think we wouldn't since we are so far out) and didn't get there until dinner time.  We had to eat at Cooper's BBQ!  So delicious!
It's blurry, but the girls just discovered they could blow bubble in their drinks when I took the picture! ;)  Also, Meredith is such a picky eater that she ate Fritos and a pickle for dinner.  Eh, it's a vacation, right?

We got back in time to walk around the park for a little bit and see where we wanted to go the next morning.

We also had time to roast marshmallows around a campfire.  You, know because campfires feel great in 80 degree weather! ;)  Yummy smores!

Me and Mackenzie!

The girls enjoyed this swing.  There may have been arguing over who was going to push it with their feet. :/
But they got over it and still had fun!
As always, Meredith had to pose for her picture!

Our cabin was kind of old and of course, sleeping with kids in the bed isn't easy.  Brandon had Meredith and I had Miranda and we DID NOT sleep well at all!  The next morning we hung out, ate breakfast and waited for the park to open. ;)

The girls had fun and we spent about 5 hours at the park, but we were tired by the afternoon and Brandon and I weren't looking forward to another sleepless night, so we went home early! 
The girls loved these little slides!

I think we'll need to wait for the girls to be a little bigger before we go again and we plan on doing our original plan at the Woodlands one day.  For the now, the girls had fun and they don't realize yet that vacations can be longer! Ha!

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