Monday, June 15, 2015

Neighborhhood pond

A couple of weeks ago, we went out to our neighborhood ponds to enjoy the sunshine while it lasted (the big Houston flood was about 24-36 hours later)!  We even got to see some baby ducks!  Of course, now I'm wondering how they did in that huge storm a day later! :(

The girls kept running back and forth from the path to the deck to throw rocks/crushed granite into the pond. :/  Miranda looking to cute in one of the dresses (and shoes) that all three of my girls have worn!

It was pretty sunny, so everyone required sun glasses!  Meredith said she was the "queen of the world" when she stood on the corner of the step!

Then, they started "singing" at the pole and pretended to be rock stars. ;)
Group picture!

One of my new favorites

Such fun family times are sometimes made in the random, unplanned decisions we make!
Brandon: Want to stop by the ponds on our way home from dinner?
Me:  Sure!

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