Sunday, June 14, 2015

Meredith still dresses up!

Meredith has always loved dressing up.  During the winter and early spring I thought she had stopped wanting to dress up all the time, but I guess she was just on a little hiatus!  On this day, she had a dress, cape, jewelry, tiara, clip, and sunglasses!
A super girl of some sort!
Later that same week, she had a similar outfit, but this time she added a purse and medal to it!

Here is a basic outfit worn to take Mackenzie to school! ;)
And when you want to be Elsa, you go all out!  Even a special pose!

The newest thing is to dress up with MAKEUP!  I bought some cheap, bright colored make up and she had fun putting it all on!
Once the make up is finished, she completed the Anna look with costume and tiara!
I foresee some crazy outfits in her teenage years! Ha!

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