Monday, June 22, 2015

Memorial Day

We've only been to our neighborhood pool once this summer and technically, summer vacation hadn't started for Mackenzie. For the past 3 or 4 years, we went to our neighborhood pool for Memorial Day and this year was no exception. The water was super cold, but the weather was nice (the big storm blew in that night!).

The girls love the fountains!

Neither of them need these rings, but I think they just like to play with them.  When we went to New Braunfels they didn't have them and played around in the pool just fine.  I think when I finally take them by myself for the first time this summer, I might leave the floats at home.  It would be 2 less things to carry! :)
I wasn't sure if Miranda was going to like her float, but she did! YAY!
Of course, there are always snack breaks when swimming...
The pool got really busy, really fast!  Before we left, the big girls tried sitting on the fountains and it was hilarious!  I was taking a picture of Meredith, but I love how Miranda smiled for the camera, too!
"I'm still smiling momma!"

Mackenzie told me yesterday that it didn't feel like summer since we hadn't gone swimming other than swim lessons, so I guess we should get to the pool soon!  VBS is this week, so it's not happening this week, but hopefully next week! ;)

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