Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Miscellaney

Now that it's June, I guess it's time for my post with miscellaneous pictures from May! ;)  This is basically pictures from my phone that didn't get blogged about in other posts.

Miranda loves climbing into the big girls' beds.  She also loves dress up almost as much as Meredith.  She put the boots and hat on all by herself.

Once a month we have breakfast at Meredith's school and on this morning, Miranda insisted on having a headband and her sunglasses on through breakfast.
Later, when everyone else arrived, she used her sunglasses to pretend no one was there and looking at her.  She slouched down in her seat and didn't smile or say anything.  This is typical behavior in small public gatherings.
We played don't break the ice one morning and boy do the girls love to break the ice! ;)
On Mother's Day, Meredith was cold in the car ride home, so she put on my jacket and used the high chair cover to keep warm.  Mackenzie napped and then denied napping when we got home despite the picture.  She asked me to delete the picture and of course, I'm posting it on my blog.  It is after all my scrapbook.  Maybe she'll forgive me when she's an adult. ;)

One Saturday in May we went to a city park.  There were ladybugs everywhere near the playground, so this is the only picture I have where Meredith is not freaking out about bugs while playing.

Meredith did enjoy the other parts of the park...feeding the fish and playing miniature golf, just not the playground part.
Over all, despite the rain, May was a great month!  We are ready for summer!  Only one more day of school! YAY!

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