Friday, June 26, 2015

Mall Play Place

Before summer officially started for Mackenzie, I took the girls to the mall play place for a playdate with friends.  At first Miranda sat at the end of this dragon and didn't move from her spot even though Meredith had moved on to other things.
But then, Meredith was so cute and asked Miranda if she wanted to come play with her and they held hands as they walked off.  It was so sweet.
All of these climbing things look hard, but they are actually sort of soft - more like a stiff mat.
Meredith kept wanting me to come with her to other places in the playground, but I just wanted to sit and visit with the other moms!  One of the mom's was awesome and every time Meredith came over to ask me to come with her, Malonya would say, "Oh no Meredith!  I can't find Wyatt (her son)!  Can you please go find him and make sure he's okay?!"  Meredith smiled and happily skipped away to find Wyatt.  She would come back a few minutes later and report that she had found him and all was well and then run off and play again!  It was awesome and Meredith loved being "in charge" of something since she's usually being bossed around by Mackenzie! ;)

Such a sweetie!

After play time, we all headed to the food court for lunch.  The kids had their own table and did great!  8 or 9 kids 5 years and under - not bad!
On our way out to the car I let Meredith and Miranda look around Build-A-Bear.  We didn't buy anything, but Meredith loved looking at all of the accessories!  If we didn't already have so many stuffed animals, I would probably love that place, but 3 ponies, 2 reindeer, an elephant and bear later, I'm not really wanting any more! ;)

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