Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeover Day!

Since Mackenzie was so bummed that school was over for the summer, I tried to think of a fun last day of school activity.  It was hot outside, so we stayed inside and did makeup.  Actually, I painted nails and toe nails while they did their own make-up.

Miranda had her toe nails painted for the first time and loved it.  She kept pointing to them and smiling.
The rest of the pictures are of Meredith and Mackenzie's make up that they did all by themselves.  I bought cheap, colorful make up at the store so they could do this exact thing and the LOVED it! ;)


Not sure what the sucked in cheek look is all about, but she let me take her photo, so I'll take it! ;)

I just need a little more lipstick! 
There!  The lipstick is just right! ;)

Poses, poses every where!

Meredith is soooo animated.  I love it!

I'm sure we'll be doing it again in the near future!

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