Sunday, June 28, 2015

Last Day of School

It's been 3 weeks since school let out and I think Mackenzie is enjoying her summer. I say that because on the last day of school she was quite upset that she wouldn't be going back to school for three months! I'm talking tears and fully crying and not wanting school to end!!

She cried that morning before we left for school, but then was happy again once we got to school.
Some teachers and parents blew bubbles as the kids exited the building and she was happy and distracted.
But then, we rounded the corner and the tears started rolling.  I had to stop and console her.  I told her we would be doing school stuff this summer and it would be ok.  She liked that ideas, but insisted that we do school in the order of her actual school schedule.  I knew she liked school, but I didn't realize she would be upset about it being over because I thought she would enjoy spending time with us during the day.  I was thankful that several of my facebook friends posted pictures and videos of their kids crying because it was the last day of school. 

She finished her first grade activity book (291) pages within the first week of summer and we've done school here at the house a couple of times, but she's finally enjoying pajama days and other activities that we've done and hasn't talked about school so much.  I think by the time school rolls around, we'll have tears again, but this time about summer ending!  Basically, it's the change that bothers her. ;)

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