Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kindergarten Celebration

The day before the last day of school, Mackenzie had her "Kindergarten Celebration of Learning."  It's essentially the graduation program, but without walking across the stage. ;)  She was super excited to wear a dress and sandals to school (she wears tennis shoes every day).

The program started right in the middle of nap time, so Miranda was super sleepy.  She started off fine in Moshi's lap...
But quickly fell asleep!  And was quite happy, apparently. ;)
All of Kindergarten (11 classes of 21 or 22 students) got up on stage and sang several songs.  Mackenzie was in the back middle, so she was fairly easy to see.  It took her awhile to find us, though.
230+ kindergartners!
They sang a color song and she was super excited about wearing her rainbow dress because she knew she would be able to raise her hand and sing about whatever color the music teacher said.  I'm pretty sure that was her plan all along since she fought me on wearing that dress! ;)
The last verse was singing if they had a tongue!  They all loved that verse!
After the songs, we went back to her classroom and they did a little poem as a class.

Her sweet class full of future doctors, teachers, dentist, hair stylists, race car drivers and a princess, apparently. ;)

For Mackenzie they said this:
"Her favorite subject is Music.
Her favorite Kindergarten experience was the field trip to Dewberry Farms.
She wants to be a teacher when she grows up."
At the beginning of the year Mackenzie wanted to be a doctor, so to change to being a teacher means she really liked her first year of elementary school!  Thank you Ms. Galyen for a great year!

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