Saturday, June 6, 2015

Forgotten Photos

Every few months (or six), I upload my favorite pictures to Shutterfly for sharing and printing.  I still have hundreds of photos printed and am slowly putting them in albums.  Anyways, today I was going through my photos to see what I wanted to upload and I found a folder of pictures I never edited or blogged about! 

They were taken back in February just after I had gotten my new camera.  We were sitting in our living room one morning and I decided to practice/play with the settings on my camera.  While we get a good amount of natural lighting in the living room, my old camera still did not bring enough light into the camera to provide a clear picture when the girls move around.  I was so excited when I took this picture!
I know Meredith's hand is still a little blurry, but with my other camera, it would have been her whole body that was blurry!  After that, I upped my iso a little more and got these wonderful ones of Mackenzie!

Of course, they did more than just spin! ;) 

And Meredith's many faces are made for picture taking! Mackenzie didn't want her picture taken, so I focused on Meredith!

I love finding photos I had forgotten!

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