Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Splash Day

Meredith's last day of preschool for the year was a couple of weeks ago and they always end the year with a "Splash Day"! 
Even at splash day, Meredith still follows all of the rules.  Here she is walking with her "bubble" in her mouth. ;)
Jumping in water is so much fun! ;)
Miranda wasn't too sure about water out side.  She likes baths, but this was her first "swim" of the season.  She just kind of stood there for a little while.
Meredith was sweet and tried to help her by giving her a toy.

Eventually, she had fun and stomped a little bit in the water.  She was actually upset when I told her it was time to go, so I guess she enjoyed herself despite getting upset every time water got in her face.

The different classes were rotating between "stations", so when I moved over to the cars and bounce house, Miranda was super excited to get in the toy car.
This is her "cheese" face.

Of course, this was fun too.  whatever it is. ;)

One day they'll both look a the camera at the same time! ;)

Just as we were heading home and Meredith was going inside, it started to rain.  I think that might have been the start of all this rain we've been having the last few weeks.  Or maybe in the middle since it seems like its been raining for forever.  We get a day of sunshine about every 3 or 4 day - ugh.  Anyways, preschool is over for the year and we are so close to elementary school being over for the year! yay!

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