Friday, May 15, 2015

So ready...

Mackenzie is out of school in 3 weeks and I am so ready!  This month we dropped Meredith's second day of swim lessons, so we have had a day of nothing planned for the last two weeks.  I'm ready for summer!  Plus, Meredith just finished school yesterday, so next week we will have 2 MORE days of "nothing scheduled".  Actually, our church playgroup starts up next week, but that's fun stuff, not scheduled drop offs and pick ups.  I'm ready for summer!  Just 13 more early mornings and then it's summer!  Did I mention I'm ready for summer?!

I'm super excited about having the girls home with me.  I miss them when they are gone all/half days!  I have so many things planned for our summer...trips, crafts, art journals, reading time and even learning stuff.  I know we probably won't do it all, but I have high hopes!  I went to Michaels the other day and bought a few fun things to do this summer and put that, along with other stuff we have at the house, in baskets so we can have easy access to all the fun summer stuff.

I also made a summer journal for the big girls.  I took a notebook and wrote a different activity on each page (library, crafts, playdates, etc.) and the girls can draw or write about each activity as it happens.  In some cases, it may be more of a tally or "passport" of how many times we did that activity, like the library or swimming.  I'm hoping it will help the girls with drawing and writing skills, bring excitement to the activities and in general, document our summer.

I've told the girls about most of the stuff I want to do and they seem excited.  Of course, I'm not sure I've mentioned that I want to limit the ipad and tv time too.  I'm pretty sure they won't be excited about that.  I'm hoping and praying that more time together and less tv time will calm the attitude.  I'm not sure if it's school, screen time or just the age, but I'm really tired of saying "are you speaking kind words?", "no talking if you can't say something nice", "don't be ugly to each other".  Hopefully, a busy summer with less TV will an more discipline will help.  And if I'm honest, I hope it helps me too.  I know my attitude is not the best sometimes, so I'm really ready to implement my "plan". ;)

3 more weeks! YAY!

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