Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Preschool with Meredith - Week 11

I can't even remember when we did this lesson, but I know it was this spring! Ha!  I can't let Mackenzie have all the school posts.  I must document the other two girls' schooling! ;)

Our Bible lesson was about the 12 spies.  She colored this little coloring sheet of the 12 spies and all of them were green!  She likes to make people look super fun! ;)

We did a little worksheet I found about following God's directions.  I read the directions which were to circle the picture where the child is following God's word.  She asked if she could mark out the bad ones.  That is exactly what Mackenzie did with this same exact sheet, 2 years ago!  I guess there's something about making a mark on every picture.

Our animal for the unit (using 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's) was Frog.  Tracing and coloring...

And there might have been a few snacks too!
We used stamp markers with the q-tip painting sheets.  She liked it and I didn't have to get out paint! Win-win!

Cut and paste Frogs and flamingos.
Shapes and dot markers in a rainbow of colors.  How do you like her smile?  I like her real smile better! ;)

In addition to the Animal ABC's, we also did other letter F activities.  We sorted big F's and little f's.  The picture on the right is an F she thought looked funny (cursive).
This was a similar activity, but using dot markers.

We also did lots of Frog activities.  This frog sorting is from Montessori Print Shop and I think is still one of their freebie printables.  It was a little tricky because some of the frogs looked very similar.
Cutting and patterns from Mamasmonkeys' Frog in the Pond printables.

Which one is different is still a little difficult for her, but she did great on this one, also from Mamasmonkeys.  The clothespin activity has the letters on the clothespins and she has to match the letter to the name of the animal.  I printed this a year or two ago from 1+1+1=1.

The number order puzzle is from 2TeachingMommies' Frog pack (now A teaching mommy) and the count the turtle activity is from Homeschool Creations (pond pack).  Both were great at counting, recognizing numbers and one to one corresponding.

Upper and lowercase letter matching also in the pond pack from Homeschool Creations.

I apparently only documented one miscellaneous activity - sorting pom poms.  She played with them, of course, but we did practice size sorting.
Her completed display board for the letter F.

Next letter...G!

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