Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mothers Day

For Mother's Day we went to my parents' house for lunch.  Miranda actually sat with Uncle Ryan!  With three kids, there seems to be one child that is having an off day when we have family functions.  For this one, it was Meredith, so Miranda was cool with everyone!
The girls liked looking at Moshi's table.  Oooh, all kinds of breakables! ;)
We made faces while waiting for Granny and Papa to arrive.

They stayed in their church clothes until Granny took their picture.  Then, they changed into more comfortable clothing, which just happened to be more dresses! ;)

See, Miranda enjoyed spending time with everyone that day! YAY!

Next came family pictures.  Granny and Papa with their children!

Just the siblings!

Meredith taught Rhonda some of the silly poses she does.

Once the little girls joined in, Dennis hopped out and we had an all girl picture.  Well, we tried to get a real picture. ;)

My girls and their poses.  :/

Another fun Mother's Day.  Maybe next year, I'll take a picture with my momma! ;)

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