Monday, April 6, 2015


The big girls are obsessed with watching youtube videos!  Did you know there are videos of people opening up and playing with toys?  Or people who make videos of themselves playing with all different toys, using different voices and have full plots/stories?  They do! And most of them are adults making the videos.  A little weird, but I've watched them with the girls and it's all good - the adults are just big kids! ;)  My girls LOVE them!  They ask to watch youtube EVERY day, so it's typically a fight for the ipad, but sometimes I give in and let them use my ipad to watch videos.

On good Friday I asked the girls if they wanted to make their own video and they were super excited.  Unfortunately, they couldn't really get along to decide who was going to do what.  They tried to do separate videos, but during the "practice" rounds the arguments got bigger so we stopped.  Maybe this summer we can work on a video.  Actually, that might be a good thing for Mackenzie to work on...practice writing while working on a script. ;)

Mackenzie came home one day saying she had told her friend to look at the "my channel" button on youtube and she would be able to see videos of Mackenzie and Meredith riding a boat, playing at the playground and all other home videos we have posted.  I had to tell her that unfortunately that wasn't going to work for her because the "my channel" only linked to the person logged in.  I told Mackenzie she would have to tell her friend our username in order for her to see the videos.  A day or two later a mom of another friend in Mackenzie's class messaged me saying that Mackenzie wanted her daughter to see a video, but she couldn't find it under "my channel"!  I gave the mom our username and told her that it was only home videos. ;)  I wonder how many people Mackenzie has told to watch her videos?!  Also, what else do kindergartners talk about at school if they are talking about youtube?!  ;)

So, just in case you were wondering, here are a few of the channels they watch on youtube!

The Engineering Family

Disney Cars Toy Club

Cookie Swirl C

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