Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Yes, I know Spring Break was a month ago, but like all of my posts, I'm a little behind!  We kept our spring break pretty low key!  We were just so thankful not to wake up early and be out the door by 8!  Mackenzie started her break a little early, because Brandon and I had to be in New Braunfels for his work that first weekend.  I picked her up early from school and then my mom watched the girls until Saturday afternoon when we got home.  This was our first overnight trip without Miranda and of course she did great!  I understand that they had a lot of play time and I believe my mom's legs were a slide for the girls toys. ;)

One thing we did consistently was swim lessons!  Meredith already goes twice a week and I was able to book a casual booking for Mackenzie, so we went 3 times that week!  Mackenzie did great considering she hadn't swam in 6 months.  She had also promoted on her last week back in August, so this was her first time at this level swimming the length of the pool and not the width.  I saw her mouth "I'm scared.", but her teacher was great and took a little more time with her realizing she hadn't swam at that level.  Hopefully, she'll be ready to get back to it in June when school is out.

It was a super rainy spring break which ruined our plans of going strawberry picking! :(  So, towards the end of the week we went to paint pottery - one of the girls favorite activities!  I have taken them each individually, but never together.

They had a lot of fun and half way through our time, a couple of Mackenzie's classmates showed up, so that was a pleasant surprise!  We actually stayed longer after we were finished painting so she could visit with them since she hadn't seen them in 5 days! Ha!  Miranda spent half the time like this!
Finished projects...a very bright and polka-dotty fish for Mackenzie and a very marbleized owl for Meredith with no less than 3 coats of paint! ;)

On Friday after swim lessons, we went to the mall to buy shoes for their new easter dresses.  They really enjoyed the shoe store! ;)
Then we had lunch in the food court, followed by a disastrous ride on the carrousel where Meredith screamed, "This is horrible!" ;)

I think that same day we received a really fun drawing game that helps you draw funny faces.  Mackenzie and I played at least 8 rounds together.  It was sooo much fun!

And finally on Saturday we went to Alvin and rode on Granny and Papa's boat rather than strawberry picking!  I know I've already blogged about our boating adventure, but I found some more photos on my phone, so here they are!

While my brother Ryan was fishing, Meredith asked if she could go see him.  We were all surprised considering she says she doesn't like him because he picks on her!  Deep down, she loves him! ;)  I don't know what all she said to him, but she was very animated and stood on the boat talking to him for a while. ;)

Then, when my dad showed up, it was time to go on the boat again! ;)

Miranda just hanging out close to me! ;)
And one of the most entertaining times I've had - the big girls interacting with Uncle Ryan!  You can see here that Meredith is telling Ryan to do something.

So, despite the weather, we had a great Spring Break!  When Granny asked Mackenzie what her favorite thing about Spring Break had been, she said, "Making Jell-o!"  Ha!  I'm so thankful that was one of her favorites because that is easily top-able for future Spring Breaks! ;)

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