Monday, April 20, 2015

"School" at home with Mackenzie

Now that Mackenzie is in Kindergarten, I miss doing school activities at home with her!  Luckily, she still likes to do them at home when we have the time.  Back in February, we broke out the activities on Valentine's Day and then again a couple of weeks later when she stayed home sick.  I don't think she was really sick, other than just having a little bit of cough and congestion, but she was super emotional, so we took a "mental health" day. ;)

Anyways, we did several activities during that time, whenever I did school with Meredith, so get ready for winter, Valentines and chameleon printables! Now that's eclectic!

She loves these number puzzles and since she was learning how to count by 10's at school, this was perfect.  The number match snowflakes were also fun, although I do recall we found a mistake that was a bit confusing.  I downloaded these from 3Dinosaurs and printed/laminated them for future use.

I don't recall where the valentine heart coloring sheet came from, but the dot marker activities are from Gift of Curiosity.  I used the same pack with Meredith, but Meredith's sheets didn't have the extra letters around them because that's a little too dificult for her at this point.  Mackenzie however can do these "mazes" very quickly and as always LOVED using dot markers! ;)

The winter worksheet is again from 3Dinosaurs.  She marked the entire sheet first before reading directions and was only looking at the pictures.  Once I told her we were counting syllables, she did the sheet correctly.  I also printed subtraction sheets from Gift of Curiosity's Valentine's pack.  Again, I love these printable packs because I can usually use one pack for both Meredith and Mackenzie without them doing the same exact thing. 

Everyone needs cutting practice! ;)

When she stayed home one day, we printed a new pack from 1+1+1=1 - A Color of My Own.  We didn't do everything, but we did a few activities.  Fill in the missing numbers and cut/paste items that start with the letter C.
Number line fun!
Following directions...

And finally, she and Meredith worked together to sort objects by colors.  I printed these cards from Homeschool Creations a couple of years ago, but this was Meredith's first time to do this activity.  They took turns at first, but then it was a free for all, to sort them.
The finished product!

Not sure how much actual "school" stuff we'll do this summer, but I'm looking forward to having some learning activities with my oldest!

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