Sunday, April 19, 2015

Riding Bikes

All my posts seem to start with "A couple of weeks ago..." and this one is no exception!  A couple of weeks ago, we bought Mackenzie a new bike.  Her old bike was the one we bought her for her 3rd birthday and was way too small for her.  We wanted her to practice on a big bike so she could eventually lose the training wheels.  Brandon took the big girls to buy the bike and then while he was fixing it up, Meredith and Mackenzie played outside.
She even got a new helmet!  And Meredith says, "Look, I'm not in the street!" while being as close to the street as possible. :/

Mackenzie is very cautious, so even riding with training wheels was a bit daunting for her and she needed Brandon's help, at first.

But then, she got the hang of it and was having fun! 

Meredith is also finally loving her strider bike received 18 months ago!  She is getting really good at balancing and can now turn circles with her feet of the ground.  So the oldest can pedal, but not balance and the middle can balance and not pedal.  I sure wish they put their abilities together! ;)

A few times we've ridden bikes home from school.  One time Meredith rode her bike there and back, while I pulled the wagon, another time Brandon dropped the bike and me and Meredith off at the school and another time I dropped Mackenzie's bike off at the school and then the little girls and I walked up later (Meredith on her bike).  Meredith likes to park her bike with all the other big kids' bikes!
The girls riding bikes while I walk behind them.  It's just under a mile from the school to our house, so it takes a good bit of time for us to get home with a couple of street crossings and stops for water and/or arguments about who is leading! Ha!
I wish our enjoyable weather lasted longer than 6 weeks, but that's the way it goes. The heat will be here too soon!  ;)

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