Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Preschool with Meredith - week 9

Two school posts in one week?  Has that ever happened before? ;)  For this unit, we continued with the story of Moses and moved onto the letter C.  We have completed all the vowels and are now going back through the consonants.  She has learned all of these at her preschool (up to letter T), so this is just review.

Our bible story was about Moses and the 10 plagues.  As usual, I typically have more activities/crafts planned, but then am not really in the mood to pull out all the craft supplies to do it.  I don't tell her what we are going to do before hand, so luckily she doesn't realize I backed out of crafty plans. ;)  She was content to playing the roll of the Moses and Pharaoh!  I love these printables from 1+1+1=1.

Animal ABC's:
C is for caterpillar!  1+1+1=1 creates such awesome printables.  It's the same activity but with different animals in each unit.  Kids like that repetitiveness, so it works well.  Meredith know that we will be tracing & coloring the same types of things each week.  She especially liked coloring this caterpillar in different colors! ;)  Cut and paste is always fun with her too - "this one is the momma and this one is the daddy..."  It takes forever to complete the task, but she cuts and glues them all by herself!  I say that and then I look at the picture and realize I cut those caterpillars.  So, I guess I should say MOST of the time she cuts and glues them all by herself. ;)

Tracing.  She can now identify all of the letters as she traces them and numbers through 10, so between church preschool and home preschool and she is learning a lot!

We colored these caterpillars with different shades of the defined color. We have a lot of markers.

Instead of tracing shapes, I had her match the shapes from one of our shape sorters.  She decided to color the shapes that didn't have matching pieces.

Letter C:
Of course, we did a few other letter C activities.  She requested a color by number, so I had to find one and thanks to 1+1+1=1, I found a really quick one.  However, I think Meredith didn't pay attention to some of the numbers because we only had 2 colors instead of the 4 that were listed!
As if it wasn't obvious, I love 1+1+1=1's printables, so we also did her letter C Find It activities.  She first matched the pictures and then I described a picture and she had to find it.  Great listening activity!
She liked gluing Captain Crunch to the letter C, but was a little worried there wouldn't be any left for her to eat.

Since "C is for Caterpillar", I chose the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme!  This is her very colorful butterfly!  She did cut this one out and insisted on gluing to another piece of paper.

For the simple, color puzzles I put them down all mismatched and had her fix them.
Making the caterpillars were some of my favorite activities.  We used our magnetic glass rocks (I hot glued magnets to the rocks) and a cookie sheet to create the caterpillars with the correct number of segments.  She also learned to draw a caterpillar by drawing a bunch of C's over and over again!  *These both came from the same printable PDF I downloaded in 2011 and I cannot find where it came from!  The title page only says "Holly", so I have no way of giving credit or finding more like it. :(  *
Patterning (from the unidentified printable pack) and roll and cover activity from 1+1+1=1.
This was one of Meredith's favorite - making her own book of what the caterpillar ate.

Of course, we always do other stuff that's not related to just our letter or theme.  This puzzle was a nice shape and color matching activity that she got for Christmas.
A simple letter review for A, B, and C...
And it took a while, but we worked on letter sounds by completing a letter/picture puzzle.  I gave her about half the alphabet at a time, so as not to feel so overwhelmed with 52 puzzle pieces in front of her.  I was very proud of her, especially since some of the letters she hasn't reviewed at school!  Go Meredith!

All of her work from the week!

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