Saturday, April 25, 2015

Miranda's Big "Boo Boo"

Miranda's at that age where she's just clumsy and loses her balance easily.  She's technically only been walking for 4 months, so now she's trying to run and falls a lot more.  However the pictures below are from her fall that happened in "slow-mo" because she was just trying to pick something up off the ground.  We were leaving Mackenzie's school and she had a waffle in one hand and her milk in the other, while walking back to the car.  She dropped her waffle and squatted down to pick it up, but lost her balance and since she was holding her milk in her other hand, she didn't catch herself and instead face planted right on the sidewalk. :(  She was pretty upset about it, but I think she was more upset about me leaving the waffle on the ground than the actual scrape!  At first it didn't look too bad, but once it started to heal it turned into a large scab on her nose.

Also, on the day of these pictures, she ran into a table in the living room and got a small purple not in the middle of her forehead.  (You can see it in the top right photo a little.)
About a week later I dreamed that she pulled off her scab and it bled and we had to go through the whole thing again.  The crazy thing is when I got her out of bed the next morning (after my dream) her scab was gone! Luckily no blood and we didn't have to start over! ;)  I told Brandon if this is our "18 month" accident with her, that is perfectly fine since Mackenzie had a huge bite on her arm and Meredith lost a fingernail at this age.  A small scrape is EASY!

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