Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Father/Daughter Banquet

Back in February, Mackenzie and Brandon went to their first Father/Daughter Dinner.  Our church hosts one every year, but it starts when the girls are in Kindergarten, so it was Mackenzie's first time.  A couple of my friends and I planned and decorated the event in about 2 1/2 weeks! It was crazy, but it turned out really nice.  Only one of us was able to attend the event since Mindy and I had to watch our other children, but I did take pictures about 2 hours before it started!

The theme was Daughters of our Heavenly Father, so we tried to keep it "royal" looking with purple, gold, silver and sparkles! ;)

I made this canvas and it's not what I orginally planned, but it turned out ok.  I originally painted a chip board cut out gold and was going to transfer wording from a computer printout.  I didn't want to have to buy fonts for my cricut to get the look I wanted, so I bought a transfer medium that you paint on a print out and it transfers the ink.  Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking clearly about what it transfers.  It will tansfter a photos or something similar, but it will not transfer text without keeping the white paper with it.  It was basically a user error that left me scrambling 2 days before the event.  Instead I used the fonts I had and transferred vinyl to cardstock.  Again, it's not how I pictured it, but it worked out ok.

Cute jelly bean bags for the girls to take home!

We tried to use a lot of stuff the church already owned.  We did buy fresh flowers and some pearl strands and I glittered some candles that I'm sure Brandon loved! ;)

 Becky did these great silverware/menu wraps.

The three of us had never planned this event, so we weren't sure what we should do.  We knew we needed some sort of craft, but finding the right thing for girls ages 5-18 was a little difficult.  We finally settled on these gold and silver canvases.  The girls painted over the canvas and then peeled off the vinyl crown to reveal the silver or gold crown.  I think they liked them.

I think the dessert table is my favorite part!  We each brought a dessert and they all looked fabulous!  Brandon said it the table was a big hit and the desserts disappeared pretty quickly! ;)

I found this cute little sign at Michaels and the little crown I ordered online, but then spray painted them a different gold to make them look better! ;)
I made the cupcakes and can I just say that while the edible pearls are pretty on cupcakes, they are a pain to put on icing because you actually have to put them in almost one by one otherwise they fall off.  And 80 something cupcakes time 5 or 6 pearls a piece is A LOT!
These cookies are gorgeous and were perfect for our theme!
These marshmallows are too cute, especially with the cupcake wrappers as the skirts!

Anyways, my friends and I were already discussing next year's theme 2 days after the event!  Can't wait! ;)
Oh and please excuse the picture of a picture, but here is the picture Brandon and Mackenzie took at the event!  So cute!

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