Friday, April 17, 2015

Dentists and Doctors

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of taking all three girls to the dentist! ;)  6 months ago, I took all three girls, but Miranda and I waited in the waiting room while the big girls had x-rays and their teeth cleaned.  I was hoping for the same thing this time, except after the big girls went in, I was going to take Miranda to a separate room for her first check up.  Instead, Meredith started crying and insisted I come with them, which in turn caused Miranda to scream/cry.  Boo!  Mackenzie went first while I tried to console the two little girls.  Mackenzie balked a little at the x-rays, but did great with the cleaning - such a big change from 2 years ago! Yay!  The hygienist was great and finally got Meredith to sit in the chair and convinced her to clean one tooth, which led to another and another, until all her teeth were cleaned!

We did not any x-rays, but since she did them 6 months ago and everything was ok, they weren't worried.  When the dentist came in to look and apply the fluoride, Mackenzie did great, but Meredith went crazy.  I had to hold her in my lap while we pretty much forced the fluoride on her. :/  The perk the doctor uses to convince kids to put the fluoride on is that they don't have to brush their teeth that night.  Mackenzie was super excited about that, but Meredith wasn't fooled, she said, "I don't want to skip teeth tonight, so I don't need it!" Haha!

Miranda cried of course, but all was well and that's when we noticed she was finally teething her last two bottom middle teeth (well just outside of  middle).  After the "fun" we had with Mackenzie, I've taken Meredith since she was 18 months old in order to get her used to it.  I thought we had achieved this goal 6 months ago, but clearly after this experience we've reverted back.  I took Miranda for the same reasons, so we'll probably follow the same path!

So, all of that was on a Monday and because that wasn't enough, I also scheduled Miranda's well check that Wednesday.  It wasn't going to be that big of a deal, since it was just a check up for one child.  Meredith was going to be with me, but only as a tagalong.  Instead, she came home sick from school on Tuesday and we added her to the appointment on Wednesday to see what was wrong.  Oh the fun we had! ;)  Fever was her only symptom that we could see, so they did a strep test - which is always fun.  When that came back negative, the pediatrician ordered a finger prick and Meredith was not happy about that.  I had told her all along that she would not have any shots because she was sick.  She screamed and cried the whole time and when we were walking back she cried out and reminded me that she wasn't supposed to have shots.  The doctor said, "But it wasn't a shot." and Meredith stomped her foot and said, "YES IT WAS!" ;)  The really fun part about all of that was that everything came back normal and the fever was gone by Thursday morning!

Here's Meredith napping - which she never does, but that doctor's visit wore her out! ;)

So, that was a fun week, but luckily doctors and dentists visits don't happen very often, so I have time to recoup between visits.  The next scheduled fun ones are in September - dentist for all three and yearly check ups for all 3!  Meredith's will be the 4 year old check up which has at least 4 shots, so that should be a blast!  I'll need prayers in 5 months! Ha!

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