Friday, March 27, 2015

Miranda is 19 months!

Miranda turned 19 months old yesterday!  I didn't intend to skip her 18 months post, but she got sick right around that time, so I didn't have her "18 month" doctor stats and then before I knew it she was 19 months old!  This crazy girl is walking everywhere.  She may have started walking late, but she's catching up very quickly.  She's been trying to run around and doesn't fall too much when she does that! ;)

We did go to the doctor on Wednesday, so these are really her 19 month stats, but close enough! ;)

Weight: 22 lb 12 oz (47%)
Height:  31.5" (28%)

She's doing great in her growth and is finally on the charts a little more substantially.  So, I was thinking she was still a little on the small size, but then I found Mackenzie's stats for 18 months old and she's 1/4" shorter than Mackenzie and weighs 1 pound less.  Their head circumference is also almost exactly the same (off by 3/10 of a centimeter)!  What's really crazy and I can't quite figure out is the difference in percentiles.  Mackenzie's percentiles are at 45%(weight) and 50%(height), so I'm assuming that kids are getting taller?!  So 5 years ago, an 18 month old measuring 31.75" was average height and now an 18/19 month old measuring 1/4" less has 72% of other kids her age measuring taller than her?!  Very strange, but the percentiles don't matter.  She's basically the same size Mackenzie was at her age and she's continuing to grow, so we are all good!  We don't go back until her 2 year appointment!

Anyways, at 19 months old, Miranda...
-wears 18-24 month clothing and size 5 shoe
-says momma, dadda, yes, up, doc, bye-bye; we are going to be working on her verbal skills over the next few months!
-sleeps at night from 8:00-7:00 and takes a 2 or 3 hour nap
-loves to eat fruit (berries, grapes, bananas, apples), some veggies, chips, cheese, meat - just about anything.  She especially likes Sunday morning when she gets to eat a package of fruit snacks and cheddar bunnies durring church! ;)
-loves to play with the baby dolls.
-loves to play with her sisters.

-throws a pretty good tantrum when she doesn't get her way. :/
-is finally getting another bottom tooth (only had the two middle ones + 4 top and 4 molars)

Now that she's a true toddler, life is actually a lot simpler.  I'm thankful to be moving out of the baby stage.  It makes going out to eat and running errands so much easier!  Keep growing Miranda!

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