Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mackenzie's school activities

Mackenzie is doing great in Kindergarten and she loves school so much.  The first 5 weeks might have been rough at school drop off, but she loves it now.  Back in February, I surprised her at lunch and thankfully that didn't end with any tears.  Mackenzie's school sets aside a little table for kids who have guests at lunch.  It's good and bad.  I remember being super excited when my mom or grandmother came to visit me at lunch because they got to sit with me and my friends.  That was just as fun as having lunch with just them.  With us being separated I don't get to see/meet her friends.  Oh, well - that's the way it is.  I'm not much of a "selfie" taker, but with this cute 6 year old, I couldn't resist! ;) 
Since it was a last minute decision to eat with her (Miranda and I were coming back from running errands), I didn't have any food for Miranda.  But that's okay because she helped herself to Mackenzie's lunch!

I loved getting to go to Mackenzie's "Friendship Party" in February because I got to see a lot of her work that she does at school.  She rarely brings things home, so I made sure I took pictures of some of her stuff. ;)
The letter reads: "I love my family because they are nis (nice).  I love my techr (teacher) because she chechis (teaches) me stuf.  Sister because she plays with me."

What I love most about this is about her teacher teaching her "stuff"!  Also until recently Mackenzie has pronounced the word teacher "cheacher".  So I wasn't surprised when she wrote "chechis".  She sounded it out just like it sounds when she says it.  Apparently I need to explain that teaches and teacher are the same except for the last letter. ;)

Mackenzie really likes her teacher and when they were given a note card at her party to write her teacher a note, this is what she wrote: "Dear Ms. Galyen  I love you soooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmuch.  you tech me so much.  Love Mackenzie"

For the party, the snack was ice cream sundaes.  You know because all kindergartners should have ice cream sundaes at 9:30 in the morning!  Anyways, they made it clear that the ice cream is provided for students only, not siblings, so between school drop off and the party I bought little cups of cookies for Miranda and Meredith to eat the party.  I figure they would probably want equally bad food if they have to watch their sister and her friends eat ice cream!  Miranda sat contently eating her cookies...

Mackenzie's school celebrated the 100th day of school and I couldn't resist taking pictures of their art and writing they did on that day.  This is the class bulletin board with their self portraits at age 100!
This is Mackenzie's page.
And this is the close up of her writing and how she dressed that day.  She flipped out about the curlers I bought to put in her hair, but accepted the glasses around the neck even though she felt the glasses were for "boys".  We had the sweater and and she chose the necklace because "old people like flowers, right?" ;)
Her writing is hilarious!  Her teacher is in her late 20's so I love the perspective that she and the kids have of people that are 100! ;)  Here's is the translation: "If I was 100 years old I would sit in the rocking (chair) all day.  I would play with my cat.  I would knit.  I would watch black and white movies.  I would go shopping for healthy foods."

Me: a cat? you are going to play with a cat?!
Mackenzie: well, old ladies like cats!


And one last photo for the kindergarten hoe-down.  Mackenzie borrowed Meredith's dress up costume and the boots are as western as we get! ;)

So that's Kindergarten!

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