Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mackenzie's Fun Run

Back in February, Mackenzie had a fun run at school to raise money for their PTA. When she first came home with the information, she said she was going to run 10 laps even though the paperwork said that most kids run 30 laps.  30 laps is approximately 2 miles, so I wasn't sure.  Anyways, she received lots of sponsors (family) and then the big day was upon us! She had changed her mind and decided she would run 30 laps.  ;)  Meredith, Miranda and I wen to cheer her on.
This was just a warm up lap to show them where to go.  She was super excited!

Brandon and I told her to jog and not start off so fast, but it's just too tough to listen to your parents when everyone else is running so fast!
For about 8 laps she was good.  Then she started holding her side and stopping for water.
I caught her at one point and told her she didn't have to run so fast and she could walk if she wanted.  She cried a little and kept moving but then was excited when they told everyone to run a lap or two with a friend.
Then a couple more rough laps until they were told to run like a zombie.

Miranda enjoyed watching (in her pajamas) and Meredith even got to run a lap.  Actually, all of us ran a lap together and then when Mackenzie was feeling particularly down and tired, I told her to run with Meredith again.

That seemed to work because she left Meredith in the dust! ;)  But Meredith didn't seem to mind.
At 27 laps completed, I told her that they had announced that the fun run would end when the current song on the loudspeakers ended.  She immediately took off and pushed through to complete the final two laps!  The picture below is before they marked off her final lap, but she rand 30 laps!
I'm so proud of this girl!  She stuck with her goal and continued on even though several times she wanted to stop and several times I told her she could!  Go Mackenzie!

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