Thursday, March 5, 2015

I love my girls!

I love my girls and I love their ages and what they say.  Miranda doesn't really talk, but the Meredith and Mackenzie sure do give us enough cute and funny sayings!

The little girls and I went to Mackenzie's school for her Valentine's party (aka "Friendship party").  Really?  You can't actually call it what it is?  Are people really going to get offended by that?  Anyways, that's probably another blog post all by itself!  Anyways, we were at her party and they passed out a little "I love..." sheet for the kids to fill out.  I was too busy dealing with Meredith and Miranda to see what Mackenzie had completed her sheet, but was so excited to see what she wrote.

The last line says "But mostly, I love God and Jezis"  I LOVE that she wrote this down!  As one of my friends said, it makes me feel like I'm doing something right.  Not that I think I'm doing bad or anything, but my goal is to get my girls to Heaven.  Where she goes to school or does for a living means nothing if she doesn't love God.  The foundation has been laid, let's continue on!

(By the way, she says she meant to write school, not "skooch".)

Then, randomly one day while I was taking Meredith to school, she asked "Momma, when are we going to heaven?"  Very nonchalantly, like we were going there on vacation sometime soon.  It took me by surprise to I told her when Jesus comes to Earth again.  She didn't question my response and we just continued doing what we were doing, but I LOVE that she's thinking about Heaven and God.  Again with the foundation.

Finally, all around this same time period, we were walking to school and it was super cold outside.  We came upon our path where we are walking in the shadow of the building and this was my conversation with Mackenzie:

MLM: Why do we have to walk in the shade it's sooooo cold.
Me:  Yep, but in the summer time we love the shade, right?  Did you know that the deciduous trees we've talked about that lose their leaves in the winter help in both winter and summer?  In the summer, they have all their leave and provide shade to cool us off from the sun and in the winter they lose their leaves so that the sun can shine all around and keep us warm from the cold.
MLM:  Wow.  God made those trees perfect.
Me: {surprised by the connection} Yes, I guess he did.

I was just providing my science/architectural knowledge cause I knew she would like to know it and she took it to another level.  ;)

I don't want to forget these moments of my girls.  They are my encouragement to myself to keep doing what I'm doing and teaching these girls about God and Jesus so that they will always be their "But mostly love."

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