Monday, March 9, 2015

February Randomness

Every once in a while I have to catch up on my randomness of my phone photos and this month is no exception.  Here's some random pictures (and videos) of the girls in February!

Miranda is officially out of cradle roll at church and this was one of her last Sundays there.  I've been teaching the last two quarters so the next class should be fun for her when I cut the cord! ;)
The two big girls ready for church on Sunday morning.  I love how Meredith wears her purse like a necklace.  I think these were from the day after Valentine's Day because Meredith has her new hand sanitizer on her purse. ;)
The weather in February and March is always crazy!  The next several photos were taken before and after school and within one week!

Cold, cold!

 I think this is 3 days later!
Having fun with their shadows!
On one of our beautiful days we took the wagon to pick up Mackenzie (along with the scooter).  It's a mile from our house to the school, so Miranda stayed in the wagon the whole time.  The big girls took turns walking and riding on the way back.  After we got home we played in the backyard where we discovered Miranda can climb the playset ladder without any help. :/

 We also had popsicles!
The next day it was super foggy and cold again!

Sisterly love one Friday afternoon!

I took a couple of videos of the girls playing at the playground and couldn't resist posting them!

We are ready for the weather to be warmer all the time.  NOT hot, just warmer! ;)

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