Monday, March 2, 2015

Cutie Meredith!

I had good intentions and was going to blog this weekend, but then Meredith and Miranda got sick.  One with an ear infection and one with strep throat.  Nothing like a late evening doctors appointment on my birthday only to come home with two prescriptions for antibiotics.  We thought all would be well by the next afternoon, but unfortunately, Miranda's fever stayed pretty high until last night when it finally broke.  So we spent 48 hours inside our house with the exception of our little trip to Smoothie King on Saturday night.  Thank goodness for food delivery so that I didn't have to cook at all!

Before all that fun began, I did have a good birthday - donuts with just Mackenzie, lunch with my parents, Brandon and two littlest girls and then down time in the afternoon before picking up Mackenzie (all by myself).  It's nice not to have to get two other kids in and out of the cars when dropping off and picking up Mackenzie, so this was a treat. ;)

Anyways, here's one of the posts I was going to blog about this weekend.  Nothing exciting, just cute pictures of Meredith.  She received a "new to her" sweater from friends and it probably should go to Mackenzie, but Meredith really wanted to wear it.  It's a little big, but she really liked it and CHOSE to wear a headband.  Whatever clothing causes that to happen, she can wear! ;)

Posing for the pictures.  The left one is a little blurry, but I have my new camera now, so hopefully that won't be a problem anymore! ;)
And Miranda wanted in on the pictures, but didn't want to turn around.  On a side note, I just realized she is wearing the exact same outfit today. ;)
I'm editing photos today in my down time, so get ready for some blog posts over the next couple of days! yay!

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