Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Backyard Fun!

One afternoon in February, we played outside before the cold front came in.  It was clearly a "quickly go get dressed so we can play" based on their clothing choices. I promise we did not leave the house in these outfits! ;)

Mackenzie even insisted on wearing a hat even though you can tell it's super cloudy outside.
Miranda enjoyed the little car.  Mackenzie was about this age when she got this for Christmas 5 years ago!

The look everyone receives from Miranda...

These next two photos are completely over exposed, but they show how much Miranda wants to be like her sisters!  Isn't this what you are supposed to do on slides?

Some days Mackenzie does NOT want her picture taken and will stand next to me and insist I delete a picture I took and other days she insists on posing for me.  The teenage years should be fun. :/
Not sure where she's getting these poses from as I've never stood with my hands on my hips for a photo, but whatever.

I'm ready for warmer weather so we can play outside some more!

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