Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Preschool with Meredith - Week 7

Why does life with three kids get so crazy?! ;)  I've had these school picture of Meredith edited for over a week and am finally sitting down to blog!  Anyways, we learned about our 5th and final vowel a few weeks ago - letter U! 

Our bible story was about Joseph and his coat of many colors and his brothers.  I found these cute printables from Deb Jackson. She put the pictures in order and then put Joseph in the pit.

She also colored his coat.  It was more of a "coat of many purples" rather than colors, but oh well.

Animal ABC's:
She still loves using 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's worksheets.  We learned about the umbrella bird for this unit.  She was all about cutting for the cut and paste.

Another thing that she loves to do is create "rainbows", so for the 6 dots on the umbrella bird she used 6 different dot markers!

Tracing her shapes was really cute because she used her new scented markers to fill in the shapes after she traced them all.  Tracing...
...and smelling...
U is also for urchin.  Also, she's not a fan of getting glue on her fingers. ;)
Again, "rainbows" to trace letters and numbers, so these activities take FOREVER!

Letter U activities:
This was our first unit after the Christmas break, so I broke out the really fun activities - ha!  She was pretty excited to put tape on the floor in the shape of the letter U.  She walked, ran, jumped and skipped along the letter.
Letter sort - she's not to sure whether it's a lowercase or uppercase.  Color by number - She insisted that I find a color by number!

Gift of Curiosity had these wonderful shape tracers that start with tracing the entire shape, then just a few points along the shape, and finally drawing the shape without help.  We tried to work on sharp points on the square and triangle.  We also used her "How Many ways can you make a shape" to make different triangles with our wooden blocks.
She really enjoyed these word puzzles.  I had forgotten all about them until I started cleaning out the girls' playroom after Christmas.  I scattered the letters all around and she had to hunt for them and say the letter.  I think we did at least 8 of the words.

Meredith also had a lot of fun using her new Kitty Hot Dots pen and cards.  We did several of the pattern cards and she loved hearing what the cat said when she got it right.  Afterwards, she always touched the wrong answer to hear the cat again. ;)

I think her favorite activity was using her new medicine droppers to mix colors!  First we made our primary colors.
Then we started mixing them - red and yellow...
...make orange.
Red and Blue make purple!

And finally, Blue and yellow...
make green.

Afterwards, I let her play with the droppers on a paper towel and she had a lot of fun with this!

After it dried, we had our own tie-died paper towel!
And finally, all of the paper stuff we did!
We just finished letter C and I'm trying to stay focused so that we can finish the alphabet just about the time Mackenzie' finishes school for the summer!  I never finished a full curriculum for letter of the week with Mackenzie, but I'm determined to finish with Meredith so here's hoping we stay on track!

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