Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I am currently doing...

I found this list on one of my favorite blogs and thought it might be fun to do myself!  What I am currently doing...

READING…. Muscle and a Shovel.  My Papa talked about it last weekend and I bought it that night.  Great reminder of what the Bible says about our salvation. 

PLAYING…. same old kids' music in the car, however this week I listened to an old Jars of Clay CD. 

WATCHING…. I tape (it definitely shows my age that I say "tape") Jimmy Fallon every week night and watch it the next day (or day after).  I also "record" The Chew and of course, Downton Abbey. 

TRYING…. to drink more water.

COOKING…. nothing tonight because I cooked Monday and we are still eating the leftovers! 

EATING...hawaiin rolls.  They are so delicious! 

DRINKING… Dr. Pepper! (so much for the more water!) ;) 

CALLING…I call a couple of friends, my mom and grandma, but no one today. 

TEXTING… my friends occasionally, but I'm just not a big texter. 

PINNING…. I recently pinned some things for a Moses Theme Meredith and I will be starting tomorrow. 

TWEETING… ummm…i don’t tweet.  I'm not even sure that my account is still active. 

CRAFTING…nothing at this moment, but I have a Stampin' Up craft waiting for me to do this week or weekend! 

DOING…not much right now - just blogging! 

GOING…to play outside this weekend now that the sun is finally out! 

LOVING…my new winter clothes I bought before Christmas.  With all this cold weather, warm sweaters are just perfect! 

HATING…the dreary weather we've had lately.  I'm glad the sun came out today. 

DISCOVERING…how my new camera lens works.  It's similar to my other lens, but has a macro feature and I can get closer to subjects than I could previously. 

ENJOYING…time with the girls now that the big girls are home from school. 

HOPING (for)…a little more sleep tonight or this weekend. 

CELEBRATING…not having to cook for the 3rd night in a row! Ha! 

SMELLING….nothing right now.  With a toddler in the house - that's good! ;) 

THANKING…the girls for giving me this time to blog. 

CONSIDERING…doing a load of laundry and folding the clothes that have been sitting in the basket for a couple of days. 

FINISHING…my kitchen organization project.  Well, I hope to finish it tomorrow or this weekend.  I've cleaned and reorganized all 9 drawers plus the buttler's pantry (2 drawers, 4 cabinets).  Now on to the 20 other cabinets! :/ 

STARTING…to unload the soon as I press publish on this post!

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