Monday, January 12, 2015

Squeaks, poses & other miscellany

Now we are on to miscellany from December! ;)

Miranda woke up really early one morning and was wide awake for an hour or so and then finally went back to sleep on Brandon's shoulder.  So cute!
Remember that box from November?  It's still fun!

Miranda's first taste of a chocolate covered pretzel was a success!  I think she had these right after a bath, so she ended up with another really good wash down.

The girls posing (or crawling) in their new "non-itchy" Christmas dresses.
Not sure what this pose is all about, but they both insisted on doing it. :/

Brandon and I heard squeaking in the car one day, so I leaned my phone back and took a picture only to find that Miranda was chewing on her shoe!
I guess that's enough randomness for now!

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