Sunday, January 11, 2015

Randomness from NOVEMBER!

I may be done with Christmas posts, but apparently I'm still stuck in 2014!  At the end of the year I spent several days uploading all of my pictures from my camera and phone.  Since November was our sick month, I didn't post a lot of the photos from my phone, so why not now?

Miranda LOVED a chocolate chip cookie she had after lunch!
When Mackenzie was sick she spent a lot of time coloring and writing.  She wrote her ABC's and then wrote out "Naw I no my abc nex time wuch you sig weth me."

Miranda really likes wearing stethoscopes...
And thinks bunny ears are also stethoscopes.

A box can be fun for all three girls!

Meredith played outside one day in her pajamas and bicycle helmet.  This is her "galloping".
She got really dirty...
I mean really dirty!
Meredith was invited to a Frozen birthday party.
Elsa and Anna were even there!

Miranda liked our friends dog.

Sometimes you need a blanket over your head while playing on the ipad. ;)
And sometimes, you just want to wear a summer dress even when it's cold outside.  According to Mackenzie the dress and boots match because they were both pink.
We walked to the playground while it sprinkled on us, but had lots of fun on the swings.

Mackenzie had fun at her school Thankful party.
And Meredith enjoyed playing games and listening to stories with her sister.

And my new favorite thing is letters I received from Mackenzie.  This one says, "Dear Momma  I hope you have a very good Christmas.  I hope you get lots of presents.  Love, Mackenzie"

I promise I'm not going to blog about anything in October, but I may still have a few random things as I catch up from 2014.

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