Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Preschool with Meredith - Week 6

Letter O!  We are moving so slowly through our home preschool! :/  Thank goodness Meredith goes to preschool outside of home too, so at least she's learning more there. ;)  Theses lessons were from before Christmas.  Besides letter O, we also learned about Jacob and Esau.

Meredith didn't feel like coloring Jacob and Esau, so I drew them in purple.  Then, she decided she would color them.  Do you see the n*pples she drew on Esau? ;)

We also put the story in order.  We worked on that together, but she enjoyed coloring the pictures.

We also made a "hairy arm" like Jacob did to imitate Esau.  She likes gluing, so this was fun for her despite the look on her face! ;)

Letter O:
We are moving through the vowels first, so we studied the letter O during this unit.  She loves the Animal ABC's from 1+1+1=1.  Our animal was an Octopus.  The cut and paste is always a hit with her.  This time she colored her O so the octopus would have water to swim in.
Tracing lines, letters, shapes and numbers!

Meredith liked just using her marker on the dot marker sheet and filling in the circles.  Sometimes we take turn coloring the animals in the different colors, but this time it was all her!
Our lowercase letter was for otters.  Again, she colored some water for them to swim.
For a "regular" letter O activity, we sorted o's from Lovely Commotion's Alphabet pack.  Which was a little more difficult than you might think.  We basically went with big or small o's.

Ocean Theme:
Since octopus live in the ocean, we also did some ocean theme worksheets from A Gift of Curiosity.  I love her dot marker packets and this one is great too!  Meredith had fun filling in dots while counting ocean animals.

Meredith did great choosing ocean creatures and matching shapes.
The mazes are always interesting with her, but she's getting the hang of it.  Finishing the patterns was also a great activity.
More mazes!  She says the number or letter as she stamps them.
This arrow maze is always a challenge.  Maybe if we did these more than just once a month, she might pick up on the activity a little better.  That's obviously my fault, not hers.  She's great at counting and recognizing numbers (at least for 1-5 on the sheet below).

Making and GLUING this octopus was probably her favorite activity.  I cut the O, cut the ribbon and made the glue lines, but she did all the rest.  I bought these buttons for the girls lalaloopsy birthday party and never used them.  I'm glad they came in handy 15 months later!

The roll and mark game was always a favorite of Mackenzies and Meredith loves it too!  This one is from 1+1+1=1.

For fun I pulled out a little jar I had filled with sand and wooden fish.  We shook the jar until we found the fish.  I made this jar almost 10 years ago when I taught a bible class for 2 year olds!
Of course, large glass bead/rocks are always fun to play with!  Best Dollar store finds ever (probably $4 total not including the pink box)!

I pulled this activity out for Miranda originally, but when she was tired of it, Meredith asked to play with it.  A cheese container and pipe cleaners - not everything has to be fancy!

I pulled out the number wheel I made from Confessions of a Homeschooler's printable for us to work on counting, number recognition and fine motor skills.  I recall she wasn't a big fan of this activity and we only did one or two more after this picture.
And finally, all of the "work" she did for the unit!  There are layers upon layers of pages on this board because she loved doing the ocean dot marker packet so much!

We just finished up letter U today.  We went pretty slow last year (averaging 1 letter a month), but I'm hoping to be more regular with our homeschooling this semester!  We will start the letter B on Friday!

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