Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photography Challenge - Day 10

I have actually completed a few of the photography challenges, but I'm a little behind in posting them.  I started this "30 day" challenge a year ago.  If I just focused on one aspect each day then it would probably go faster, but I like to work on each challenge over a couple of days or at least find the right setting to complete the challenge.  Add in life in general and this is taking me forever to complete!  However, the timeline isn't important to me - the improved skills are.  Because I've been shooting in manual mode for the last year and learning new things, I've come to realize, that I need a better camera to accomplish my photography goals.  That will have to wait until next month for my birthday, but it's those realizations that have kept me to this challenge. 

If you want to join me on the challenge (but maybe at a faster pace!), buy Courtney's e-book and learn some awesome photography tips/lessons.  Or go to her website - I promise it's awesome if you want to learn more about photography.

Day 10 - Histogram

This lesson was more about assessing your picture after the fact by learning about histograms. I did actually do this challenge in one sitting over the course of about 10 minutes while we were doing preschool with Meredith.  Below are the photos I took.

And here are the edits.  All the pictures below include my straight out of camera image (left or top) and my edited image (right or bottom).  This time I added an image of what my histogram looked like.  The key is to not lean to the right or left of the histogram.  You'll see why based on my photos. ;)  For the first two pictures I used my  Canon EF-S 18-135mm lens and then I realized I wanted to do the challenge properly, so I switched to my Canon EFS 50mm lens.  I'll list the details of each shot below if you are interested.

You can see based on my edited photo, that this was fairly balanced.
24mm   f/4.5    1/40ss    ISO-1600


This was one with a great balance - not much editing between the photos.
24mm   f/4.5    1/80ss    ISO-1600

Way too over exposed - could not save it! ;)  This was when I switched lenses and I don't think I checked my meter before snapping the picture.
50mm   f/2.0   1/40ss    ISO-1600

This picture has a great balance and unfortunately, I think I messed up during editing, because the colors look to bold (almost fake).  Oh well, lesson learned.
50mm   f/2.0    1/400ss    ISO-1600

I really like this photo of Meredith.  She talks while cutting, just like Mackenzie did, so her mouth is open.  The picture has an okay balance and I didn't have to lighten it too much. 
50mm   f/2.0    1/320ss    ISO-800

A little dark.
50mm   f/2.0    1/320ss    ISO-800

This one was ok too. I had to lighten a little as you can see in the edited photo, but it works.  This was when Miranda was finished playing. ;)
50mm   f/3.5    1/160ss    ISO-1600

This one was a little over exposed, but I was able to save it a little.  It's not a great photo in general (doesn't tell a story), but it works for the challenge.
50mm   f/2.2    1/40ss    ISO-1600

Onto day 11!

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