Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Merdith LOVES to dress up!

You may recall that Meredith LOVES to dress up!  At some point during the day (almost every day) she puts on some sort of dress up outfit.  Sometimes dress up starts at 7:00am.  Meredith also rides her stick pony almost every day to walk Mackenzie to school.  So as you might expect, sometimes the two coincide like they did one day back in December.  She was Princess Sofia riding her pony to take her sister to school.  Oh and it was cold! ;)
The funny thing about the above picture is that she is still wearing her night gown beneath her dress up dress!  Later that day, she became a cowgirl with her pony when we picked Mackenzie up from school.

Here are her videos from that morning and later that afternoon when she was dancing as a pony from My Little Pony.

For Christmas she was upgraded to a unicorn stick "horse" and was so excited to show it to everyone last week at Mackenzie's school!

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