Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Eve - 2014!

This is the last Christmas post...I think!

Christmas Eve is one of the longest days of the year for children.  Growing up, my cousins and I always spent most of the day with my grandparents.  The boys would go to Crocket and Granny and I would attempt making candy/fudge and go shopping at an antique store or something like that.  I have very fond memories of those times and it always made the day go by faster knowing Santa would come that night! ;)  So, for Christmas Eve this year, Brandon and I decided to take the girls bowling to kill some time and make the day go by "faster".  We've been bowling as a family once before, but this time Brandon and I did not bowl.  The guy at the front counter entered the names and apparently Meredith's new name is MERDDITH or MERD for short. ;)
I took the opportunity to take "selfies" with the girls.
Miranda was too busy eating to be bothered with a selfie! Ha!

Meredith got a strike and did her strange pose...

Luckily, each girl won a game, so no feelings were too terribly hurt. ;)  We ate lunch there...

And then moved on to video games and other arcade activities.  Up until this point, we had never given them any money/coins for arcades.  They thought you just played the demo and that was that.  This time they learned ski ball, air hockey, ball throws and other games. 

I don't have any pictures for the rest of the day, but we ordered pizza for dinner and then drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.  Brandon even stopped at the convenient store and we each had a bag of M&M's while we looked at lights.  Mackenzie was worried we wouldn't get home in time before Santa came, but thankfully we did. ;)  Everyone went to bed without a hiccup and the longest day ever ended.

So, that was our Holiday fun for 2014.  Now we can begin our new year!

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