Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas #3 - Extended Family

On Christmas Day, my mom's side of the family all gathers at my grandparent's house to have lunch and exchange gifts.  Granny and Papa bought Miranda a little rocking chair.
She likes it, but I think Meredith likes it even more.  She has moved it to their little table in the playroom and sits at it to eat sometimes.

The 4 GREAT granddaughters plus my mom because she was holding Miranda!

Barbies and Games and all kinds of goodies!

Gapa thought his water gun was super fun, but loved his actual gun much more! ;)
Miranda loved her new toys, but loved her snacks even more.  Thank goodness Moshi gave her a bag full of snacks! ;)
Miranda looks like she's telling my brother to leave her alone or to give her a minute! HA!

Granny's camera ran out of batteries so I took a picture of her opening a beautifully wrapped gift.  Surprise, surprise - it's scrap booking paper! ;)

Meredith liked looking at my aunt's pictures on her phone.  So cute.

After Granny and Papa's we drove 20 minutes to visit my other Grandmother.  Unfortunately, my aunt and her kids were sick, so I didn't get to see everyone, but I did get to see my uncle and cousins that I hadn't seen in years.  Meredith's skirt matched Grandma's "animal print" room.

Miranda wasn't real impressed. ;)

However, she did cheer up when we moved to the living room and Moshi held her!

The girls liked Grandma's new blanket!

We drove home in silence - all fell asleep! But had a couple of hours of playtime before bed and then had a whole day of rest before our final Christmas celebration of the season!

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