Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas #2 - Santa!

Christmas number two was on Christmas morning checking out all that Santa brought!  The girls were fairly easy to buy for this year and had a couple of specific things each that they requested.  Mackenzie - microscope and craft box; Meredith - Doc McStuffins mobile cart and guitar.  Thankfully, Santa knew exactly what they wanted and was able to bring everything! ;) 

{Disclaimer: I've been shooting in manual mode on my camera for the last year, but I still struggle with indoor lighting, especially when natural light is not available at all.  This is the reason for the photography goal and doing a 365 photo challenge - to improve my skills.  I say all this to apologize in advance for some of my poor photos.  It's hard to get a non-blurry picture of excited kids opening presents in low interior lighting!  Maybe next year it will be much better! ;) }

Walking to their respective piles...

When she saw her "mobile cart" she said, "It's beautiful!" ;)  I LOVE that she loves it so much.

Meredith also received some Doc McStuffins scrubs that she loved!

Standing in her scrubs with the only two toys she requested.
I'm not sure there is any Doc McStuffins toy/accessory that we don't have.  Between her birthday and Christmas, she has received quite a lot of Doc McStuffins "stuff"!  It's a good thing she loves it all!

Unlike Meredith, Mackenzie opened her stocking first and looked at everything fairly closely before moving on.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any picture of her using her microscope or other gifts.  She has used a lot of her art/crafty stuff she received and all week, the girls have been getting up and playing in the playroom without waking us up first.  I'd say Christmas was a success! ;)

Miranda received sippy cups, clothes and a few toys, but I think she liked her sisters' toys better!

The girls had a couple of hours to play with their new toys and then it was time to move on to Christmas #3!

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