Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brandon's Handiwork

I thought I was finished with the Christmas posts, but then I remembered a couple of more activities.  But, those will have to wait for later.

Mackenzie started Kindergarten this year and Meredith started preschool.  That means we already have two back packs, two folders and we still have another child to add to the mix in a year or two.  So to help wrangle the backpacks and jackets, Brandon added hooks to our wall by our garage access.  But, he didn't just "add hooks".  He made it look pretty too! ;)

I am so happy with what he did and I smile every time I look at it.  It takes the clutter off of our bar stools (the previous "coat hook") and give the entire hallway a more finished look.  Originally, we planned to add some small folder cubbies above the shelf, but I think I'm going to use the drawer next to this area to contain the folders and the general paperwork the elementary school sends home EVERY week.

It's so nice to have a designated place for backpacks that is not visible from every angle in the house and that I don't have to hide every time we have company.   The only before picture I have of this area is right after we bought the house when the previous owners still lived here.  When we moved in, we added the dry/erase calendar and the mail sorter, but had nothing else on the wall.

I love our organizing projects that we always seem to start in the beginning of the year!  We have a couple more we are working on in the playroom this month, too.  I'll post those once complete.  I know Brandon doesn't want anything else on his honeydo list, but every time I look at this...
I think, "Where else can I put some bead board?" ;)

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  1. Brandon did a great job!!! It looks great and is so functional. I'm trying to figure out something similar for the new house...


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