Monday, January 19, 2015

365 photo challenge

I decided to re-start my 365 photo challenge at the beginning of the year.  So far I've done great!  Of course it's kind of like my blogging, in the beginning of the year I remember to blog/take a photo every day, but as the year goes on...not so much.  Anyways, for now I'm remembering to take photos.  I'm trying to take photos with my big camera, not my phone camera since that's where I want to improve my skills.

With that said, I've updated my 365 blog with the new pictures for 2015!  I've only edited photos through the 9th, but I have taken a picture every day.  I had fun going through my past pictures I posted over a year or two ago.  Miranda & Meredith were so small!  Mackenzie too, since I started the 365 blog around her 4th birthday.

Go check out my other blog (top link on my right side bar) and join in the fun yourself! 

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