Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday with Tiny - 2014 Vol. 4

This will be our last installment, unless Tiny does something extraordinary tomorrow morning for her last day. ;)  This week she was a little funnier thanks to pinterest and a silly dad. ;)

One morning last week, she wanted us to listen to some music.

Just hanging out in the ipad basket.

She normally brings pajamas on Christmas Eve, but she heard us talking about Mackenzie having a last minute pajama day at school on Friday, so she brought them a little early!  She's so prepared for the unexpected! ;)
She decided to cook some m&m's one morning.  I'm pretty sure I would love breakfast at the North Pole!

One morning she showed up with two skirts on!  The girls asked her if she would come back the next day with all three skirts on.
So she did! ;)
And this morning she showed up in one of Miranda's new Christmas gifts - reading stories with Mother Goose.
We'll miss Tiny when she's gone, but we've had fun this past month!  Until next year!

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