Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday with Tiny - 2014 Vol. 2

I'm on time with this post - it's actually Tuesday! ;)  This year, Tiny is keeping it pretty low key.  No fancy schmancy tricks.  Just good old hiding/sitting in various locations.  Occasionally she does something kind of cool, but I think she's tired this year. ;)

She wished us a Merry Christmas last Wednesday!

I guess she was a little feisty on Thursday when she tried to take the girls' buddy bucks. ;)
She made this pile of oranges one night a little early and almost got caught by a certain 6 year old who couldn't sleep.  Since then she has reminded herself to wait at least 30 minutes after bedtime before traveling back to the North Pole just in case the girls wake up! ;)

She made friends with the more Aggies,

got tangled up with two elephants, 
and snuggled up with other elf friends.

And this morning we found her showing us how much she LOVEs us!
Maybe this week, Tiny will step up her game and have a little fun.  Then again, she may still be tired. :/

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