Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tuesday with Tiny - 2014 Vol 1

*We are going to pretend I actually posted this blog this past Tuesday! ;)*

Our Elf, Tiny, arrived last Saturday.  I guess she knew that our annual North Pole Breakfast would be difficult on a school morning, so she came two days early! ;)  She brought her typical "Snow" donuts and straws that make milk taste chocolatey.  She also brought a few surprises - books and a game.

The stickers books were the first activity, but they also love that they get to pick out what skirt Tiny will where every day. ;)

Now let's see what Tiny was up to from Sunday to Tuesday!
Day 1 - We have no idea how she managed to hang from a magnet on the fridge!  She can be pretty silly!

Day 2 - She loves candy canes and peppermints!
Day 3 - Tiny tried to hitch a ride to school with Mackenzie, but just like the girls aren't allowed to break rules, I don't let Tiny break rules, so I took her out and put her in a safe place because little elves and toy look-a-likes aren't allowed at school. ;)

Stay tuned next week (hopefully on an actual Tuesday) to see what kind of antics Tiny has this next week!

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